Does the sting of understanding social media have you running for cover every time you hear buzzing about it?

Just like bees, social media is a misunderstood yet important piece of helping your world thrive! With some curiosity, patience, and understanding – the rewards are sweet!

About The Book

Written from a problem solving perspective, this book is both a high-level guide to what platforms you can use for social media and a deep dive into the most common problems people face using Social Media to grow their business.


Are you a newbie to using social media for your business?


Are you a pro who can’t seem to figure out why your growth is stalling?


Are you somewhere in between, trying to figure out what worked last time and what else you can do?

Then this book is for you! No matter where you are or what tools you already have, inside this book you’ll discover better ways to use social media to engage your audience.

Full of practical advice from 2 ladies who have extensively worked on the various online platforms for years, this book challenges misinformation about what social media can do for your business and guides you in how to use it effectively. Become a lover of social media by understanding where your business will thrive best and the platforms your business most needs to be on!

Plus you’ll get some bonus resources, action items, and tips to maximize your social media content creation and management!

What’s inside


Social Media Misconceptions


What platforms are best for my business?


Popular platform overviews


How to do a social media audit


Problems We Solve

  • My Engagement Is Low
  • I Don’t Know What to Share If It’s Not My Product/Service
  • I Want to Grow My Followers
  • I Need More Sales
  • I Need to Be More Visible to Potential Customers


Did you know that bees talk to each other by dancing?

Just picture two bees adorably dancing their way through a conversation about pollination. They’re probably talking about it because they’re so good at it. If you’re wearing a cotton shirt right now, a bee somewhere probably pollinated that plant and you owe it a big “thank you”. What about delicious snacks? While you munch on delightful produce remember that 90% of crops are visited by adorable dancing bees.

There’s a pretty solid argument that bees are one of the most important and helpful species on our planet. We can’t live without them, and if that’s the case, then why are most of us still so afraid of them?

And why are we talking so much about bees?

Bees are just like social media: wonderful and necessary; but for some reason they still scare many of us. Social media can provide so many advantages for our businesses but fear of the unknown can cause us to shy away. The goal of this eBook is to take the fear out of social media and show simple ways to work through it. And if you’re afraid of bees….well you’re on your own with that one!

Based on their years of experience working in the industry, Sonya and Jackie have written an engaging and easy to read book for budding social media entrepreneurs. Chock full of tips and links to valuable resources, the book itself serves as a great resource for those new to the area. Highly recommended reading!

Lamont Antieau, Ph.D.
University of Kentucky

Jackie lives up to her name as the Queen of GSD! The creative process truly was collaborative and Jackie paid attention to what I liked without losing sight of the essence of the work I do. I love working with Jackie because we can envision and dream all we want but in the end, you need to make it happen. Jackie makes it happen!

Jenna Stoliker

What's the difference between attempting to master social media on your own vs being trained by Sonya Mastick? You can wonder why you are not getting noticed on your socials or you can actually get noticed and rise above the din. I am excited about this e-book, not only to read it myself but to point all of my colleagues at it when they ask how we get so much traffic.

 Jacki Smith, Coventry Creations (actual client of Rise Above The Din)

What’s up with the bees and the bears?
Bees are important little creatures that add so much value to our world, yet are feared because they are so misunderstood.

Bears are big and scary but are manageable by avoiding them altogether or at the very least know how to get away from one!

Plus the puns are beary irresistible, bee-lieve us!

What social media platforms does this book cover?

This book does a high-level overview of social media platforms, including age demographics, what businesses this is best for, the type of content to post, etc. This is not a deep dive into every single feature, just the information you need to know to best focus your efforts!

The platforms we include are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • TikTok
Is this book going to launch me into influencer status overnight?
Okay, chances are you’re not asking this question out loud, but who among us wouldn’t want instant success with our social media?? This book doesn’t have that kind of secret sauce because chances are you don’t want to “go viral” with your business – you want lasting, long-term plans to grow your business organically, and this book definitely has that!
How do I get more help?

If you’ve got through the book, or you want to skip ahead to fast track with some one-on-one social media help, reach out to us using our contact information below!

Sonya Mastick

Jackie Zimmerman

About the authors

So who are the Social Media Queen Bees who wrote this book for you?

Coming to you from Michigan, Sonya and Jackie are business mavens and entrepreneurs who focus on practical advice and getting straight to the point to help women in business thrive everywhere.

Whether it’s guided training, do-it-for-you services, or somewhere in between, Jackie and Sonya take a hands-on approach and get to know their client’s needs to meet them where they are at and help get them where they want to be.

Sonya Mastick

Rise Above The Din

Sonya Mastick is an entrepreneur, musician, writer, and podcaster. Creating is always at the forefront of her mind. Moreover, she loves helping entrepreneurs live their dreams by giving practical, custom tailored strategies for Social Media Marketing. Creating successful and repeatable a la carte campaigns for clients is what drives her passion for her work. Since no two businesses are the same, she takes great pride in understanding a client’s “voicing” and goals, helping them stand apart in the crowded landscape of online marketing. With the world of social media constantly changing, she spends a great deal of her “free” time pursuing additional social media/business certifications and continuing education.

Jackie Zimmerman

Queen of GSD

Known as the Queen of Getting Shit Done, Jackie Zimmerman has been helping women in business and creating badass content for years. She’s a lot of things: graphic designer, brand manager, digital communications specialist, non-profit founder, digital media consultant, and instructional designer, plus so much more. Above all, she is a do-er. The infamous words of Vanilla Ice, “if there’s a problem, yo I’ll solve it” could be Jackie’s motto and might just be her next tattoo. When it comes to social media, she’s been there, done that, and now she’s written the book on it with her good friend and business associate Sonya Mastick.

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